Hydrospeed is a more technical, more physically demanding activity than rafting. You will have a floater and flippers in order to guide yourself through the rapids. You will have exercises in surfing, kayak rolling and using the flippers correctly in a river with rapids. The perfect activity for any adrenaline lover! Children are accepted from the age of 10 provided that they are good swimmers.

Something for everyone:


Family descent: The best way to discover hydrospeed as a family. The session is supervised by our guides in a fun, informative and safe manner. Duration of about 1h30.

Initiation descent: The start of this session takes place in a small body of water in order to learn or improve different stroke techniques, rolling over a capsized raft and changing direction. You will then learn river sign language and you will “dive” into the Isère for a river descent of about 1h30. Passage through the rapids, large waves, manoeuvres and surfing on the rapids is on the programme!

Descent in the Gorges:This session is for those who have already tried the activity at least once.  This programme includes discovering Aime’s rapids which make the Isère’s exciting reputation. Surfing, large waves and strong rapids, perfect for adrenalin lovers.

Sporty descent: This private lesson is open to those who have already completed a descent in the gorges. The course lies between Landry and Centron and cuts across two large rapids. It is the integral descent of the Haute-Isère. This course will allow you to perfect techniques previously learned in the other sessions including surfing, jumps and managing obstacles.

Each type of descent is supervised by our experienced guides who will introduce you to the wonders of the river and the wildlife and landscape the surround it.





Enjoy a dedicated place to white water activity: comfortable, welcoming, with hot shower, changing room, bar, and a small restaurant. You can also buy the picture taken during your outing. To know how to get to the meeting point, click on the button below.

Nos tarifs :

Descente Durée Prix
Family Discovery (10 yrs) 2h00 €42
Family Discovery (12 yrs) 2h00 €49
Family initiation (+12 yrs) 2h45 €63
Teenagers/family evolution (14 yrs) 3h00 €66
Sporty (16 yrs) 3h30 €76

If you would like to book or have more information about this activity, you can contact us via the contact form below or you can call us on 0033 (0)7 60 82 10 12



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