Ski Enfants

Learning to ski for children is based upon two pillars at Evolution 2 Tignes: the quality of supervision and the playful and motivating environment in which they learn. During our courses, groups never go over the number of 8 children per instructor. At the end of the week, the children receive a medal and a diploma; their acquired level is evaluated according to national criteria in the form of continuous monitoring and not a final examination, often an unnecessary stressor.



These lessons are for children aged between 3 and 4. Each child discovers the fun of sliding and progresses at their own pace. Our professionals are attentive are on hand to make sure that your child learns in a safe and fun environment.


Age: 3 to 4 years old          From 270€

Cours de ski enfants Yétison


A more in-depth approach to skiing and discovery of the slopes are the goals of these lessons for children aged between 4 and 5. Our instructors will help your child with the following: speed, resistance, endurance, force, flexibility, dexterity and coordination. All of this in a fun and lively atmosphere so that each child progresses as best as possible.


Age: 4 or 5 years old          From 270€

Cours de ski enfants Petit Yéti

Petit Yeti

If your child is over 6 years old and is a beginner or with a few days experience on skis, the Petit Yeti level is made for him!  The goal of this group lesson is to learn the ski basics and have fun. Your child will learn how to be autonomous on green slopes by doing snowplough turns and parallel skiing across the slope.

Level : Beginner +       From 215 €

Cours de ski enfants Yéti 1

Yeti 1

Your child is autonomous on green slopes and can do snowplough turns? Let’s go for the Yeti 1! It’s time for your child to advance onto blue slopes and also prepare, step by step, the future parallel turn by learning a finished parallel turn.

Level : Intermediate –          From 215 €

Cours de ski enfants Yéti 2

Yeti 2

Your child almost able to parallel turn? No doubt, Yeti 2 is the next step! During this week your child will develop their skills in order to make full parallel turns on blue slopes by the end of the week.

Level : Intermediate          From 215 €

Cours de ski enfants Yéti 3

Yeti 3

If your child is comfortable in parallel turns on blue slopes, Yeti 3 will help them to reinforce their skills in parallel turns and also learn new techniques in order to ski on red slopes by the end of the week.

Level : Intermediate +          From 215 €

Cours de ski enfants Super Yeti

Super Yeti

Your child can ski in parallel on red slopes? Next step: black slopes! Super Yeti will help your child to improve every type of turn on black slopes.

Level : Advanced          From 215 €


Junior Academy

Your children slide down every slope in the resort? What’s better than the Junior Academy course to improve further more and discover new disciplines!

Level : Advanced (10yrs mini)          From 215€

From 14 years old and over




Stage de ski avec l'école Evolution 2 Val d'Isère

From Beginner to Intermediate +

Your child is over 14 years old, with the level beginner to intermediate + ? Have a look at our adult groups, where teens are also welcome!

Level : from beginner           From 195 €

Stage de ski adolescents bon niveau


Your teen can ski on every slope and every type of terrain, and wants to improve their skills in off-piste? TeenXtreme is the perfect group!

Level : Advanced +          From 215 €